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multiplied objects 

    Aside from my figurative work, I also have a deep interest in a more conceptual line of work in which, still using mostly lost wax bronze casting, the repeated reproduction of an object, sometimes created, sometimes snatched from my immediate environment, creates a new form. 

Although these pieces start with fascination by the chosen object and the symbolic significance that it carries or that I attribute to it, soon the repetition and organisation of these elements creates a new dimension far from the original object.


Wish Number 100. Bronze, 72 x 12 x 12 cm. 

  These are pieces that capture the eye and invite the viewer to linger in the playful disappearance of the single object amongst the positive and negative spaces and the shadows the object's repetition produce when arranged in organised chaos.

There is still is a clear sense of balance and order in these gatherings of a single multiplied object amidts the entropy they depict. 


chair pieces
IMG_20200505_170519 copy.jpg
wish bones
bronze straw

 This group of pieces are made casting in bronze  individually each piece of straw using the lost wax process.

Once cast by the foundry and back in the studio, I weld the straws without a prefix model or sketches. These are pieces that are made freely as  a way of 3D sketches. The forms are drawn by the lines the straw create in the air when welded together. The main theme for these pieces is the woman as a nest, home.

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