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figurative bronzes

  While mythology might be the central theme for this group of works, the essence of them is the act of modelling and creating forms that convey movement and strength.

Their modelling reflects a clear interest in capturing the rawness of materials such as clay, wax or plaster into bronze as well as the expressive energy of tool marks and direct modelling.

These bronzes are cast by the foundry using the ancient technique of lost wax casting. Once in my South East London studio I do the finishing metal work and patination.

All these works are produced in limited editions of 12 or 8 copies only. Once the full edition has been cast, the mould is destroyed so no further copies can be made.

“ I bought a bronze minotaur from Antonio because I was immediately impressed by how such a small figure could have such a strong physical presence. As I have come to live with the bronze I continue to enjoy its subtle humour – it is almost a caricature of male physicality – and I love the total confidence with which it has been modelled. Every bump and crevice is there for a purpose, creating the overall form but also providing a beautiful surface texture.”

Donald Johnston,

Early European Sculpture & Works of Art. 

International head of department. Christie’s UK

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