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  Over the past twenty years I have developed a body of work having mythology as the central theme of my figurative bronzes. While mythology might be the central theme for this group of works, the essence of them is the actual act of modelling and creating forms that convey movement, strength and his interest in capturing the rawness of materials such as clay, wax or plaster into bronze as well as the expressive energy of tools marks and spontaneous modelling

I work in my South East London studio where I produce works for galleries and private clients, both small and large or site specific pieces.

My work is featured in many collections around Europe, the United States and Hong Kong, as well as in UK galleries.

You can also view my work by appointment in my South East London studio where I work in collaboration with clients on specific site related projects and other private commissions.

Fine Arts Degree Barcelona University. 1990-1995

Erasmus Program. St Martins School of Art and Design. London. 1994-1995.

Antonio lives and works in South East London since 1995.


The Stratford Gallery, Broadway. Cotswolds. UK

Cornwall Contemporary.   Penzance. Cornwall. UK

Velarde Gallery. Kingsbridge. Devon. UK





multiplied objects

coming up

coming up

 I will be showing a new group of pieces in Cornwall Contemporary Art during the show starting the 12th of July. I will be displaying my pieces alongside Alasdair Lindsay paintings.    

Also showing one of my works at a new exciting gallery opening in Kingsbridge, Devon.

The inaugural show at Velarde Gallery is the 21st of July. It promises to be a great space that will  gather an interesting group of artists. 

In the meantime you can find my work at Cornwall Contemporary Art in Penzance, Cornwall  and at The Stratford Gallery in Broadway, Cotswolds.


If you are in London and would like to visit the studio let me know! 



Get in touch!

Thanks for submitting!     I    I    +44 (0)77 6418 4617

Telegraph Hill, London SE14

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